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Brightening Your Child's Horizon
Child Care and Early Learning Program
My name is Raquel, owner / child care provider of Brightening Your Child’s Horizon Childcare & Early Learning Program. I am licensed by the State of Illinois through the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). My educational background is diverse in many levels, prior to starting my own daycare I worked for 15 years in geriatric health care with patients who had debilitating illnesses. In addition I also worked with young adults with special needs. All were rewarding careers that I have embraced for many years. After years of working in health care and with the encouragement of my husband, I decided to pursue my other dream to become an early childhood educator.

I completed a full course of studies in Early Childhood Education, graduating with Highest Honors. I held a teaching position at a daycare center working with preschool children ages 2-5 designing and implementing lessons. My experience with children and my education gave me confidence to follow my inspiration to open my daycare. With this experience, I also learned what needs to change in childcare to provide quality care in a more nurturing, safe, loving and clean environment. I am currently taking 15 plus credit hours per year in child development classes and participate in numerous childcare workshops, childcare conferences and various other childcare activities to enhance both my skills and childcare program. I utilize these abilities within my daily preschool curriculum. I bring to my family childcare not just experience but a wealth of education.
My family childcare program meets all health and safety requirements to make sure your child is safe at all times. My husband and I are both certified in First Aid & CPR (infant, child /adult). Brightening Your Child’s Horizon is a home based, loving, private daycare; caring for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school age children. Children are nurtured in a loving family oriented environment, emphasizing character values, while teaching and preparing them for kindergarten and beyond. I provide an age appropriate theme-based and fun curriculum. Our days are filled with a variety of activities which include arts and crafts, outdoor activities, musical instruments, multi-cultural experience, literature and more. All of our activities encourage social, language and academic development of children, strengthen gross and fine motor skills. I tailor the lessons to each child’s unique learning style. Children are encouraged to participate, but no child is forced to participate.
For further information or to set up an interview, please, call me at 630-820-0114
Brightening Your Child's Horizon childcare is dedicated to ensure a safe, nurturing and enriching environment that allows children to develop at their own pace and to encourage them to be their best. We believe God created each child unique and special with their own method of learning. We believe in providing a positive environment with a variety of learning styles where children thrive in becoming a self-sufficient individual. We believe in a positive behavioral approach to build a child’s understanding of their good choices. We believe that children need to have a positive self-image. I foster that image, along with their development growth in the areas of intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills, through a variety of group activities, individual play, and quiet periods. My childcare program makes use of many play and learning materials that help the children gain confidence in their abilities to do and make things. We also incorporate Spanish with our daily activities. In addition to our great curriculum, nutritious snacks and meals with multicultural focuses are provided.
Parents know they don't have to look too far to find a friendly face or someone who truly cares. I pride myself in giving loving care to all children that have been in my childcare over the years... I've been blessed many times to care for infants as they grow and go on to kindergarten, and have met many great parents along the way.
I look forward to partnering with you as we work together in laying a solid foundation and a positive experience for your child during these precious years.
Our childcare rates are competitive, and we have a great referral program.
Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, and School Age Children
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"The more you believe in children, the more they will believe in themselves."
"Where your child can play, explore, learn and flourish..."
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